About Jolokia

Jolokia was founded by a couple of guys who eat tech for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (all with a healthy dose of hot sauce). We’re not happy unless we’ve modified it, optimized it, and spit shined it. Our solutions are designed to solve customer problems. We’re not dreaming up ideas in the back room – we work hand in hand with our customers to design features that directly benefit them. Jolokia has been delivering enterprise video solutions since we founded the company in 2008. The founders and top employees have more than 80 years in combined video streaming experience. You can trust with Jolokia that you’ll get advanced solutions with advanced functionality. And that’s not bragging… It’s true. (okay, it is bragging, but it’s still true)

The Exec Team

Pete Mastin

Pete Mastin


Pete enjoys business development, product strategy, technology leadership and software development. He has extensive knowledge of applied AI, content delivery networks (CDN), IP Video and streaming technologies and more broadly, scaled out internet applications of all sorts. He has overseen the implementation of multiple highly scalable, multi-homed, global SaaS systems.

Pete speaks at conferences such as NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), Streaming Media, The CDN/Cloud World Conference (Hong Kong), Velocity, Content Delivery Summit, Digital Hollywood and Interop (among others).

Mark Pace

Mark Pace

Co-Founder and CTO

Mark Pace is Jolokia’s Founder and CTO, responsible for Research and Development of systems and services. He has over 20 years of experience in networks, internet and video streaming.

Pace designed all of Jolokia's systems based on a few key concepts that he is passionate about, based on the philosophy that Jolokia should be quick to adapt to customers’ needs. The streaming platform can deploy systems with the speed of the cloud and lock things up when security concerns require compartmentalization.

Pace co-founded one of the first social networking sites. At the time, the online dating sector was driving innovation on the Internet, with video streaming, user picture databases, live chat rooms, and algorithm-based friend matching. Thanks to Pace's technical designs, the flagship site grew to 2 million users before being sold in 2006. Pace invented and patented a distributed content identification system that is in use in many popular anti-spam systems.

Dan Seoane

Dan Seoane

Co-founder and CSO

Dan Seoane is Jolokia’s Founder and CSO -Chief Services Officer-, responsible for the delivery and management of Services, Support and IT Infrastructure. He has with over 25 years of experience in network and security architecture, internet and video streaming.

In the days of yore, Dan was Technology Analyst and then Infrastructure Architect at InfoWorld Magazine’s Test Center, where he was he was instrumental in developing test strategies for enterprise technologies.

Dan is a published writer, with a multitude of technical articles under his belt. Originally hired by Covad to design one of the largest broadband streaming networks in the world, in 2001, Dan was asked to become a “Member of The Council of Communications Advisors,” to promote interaction among the industry and investment communities. Dan then moved on over to Accordent Technologies, the enterprise webcast portal company, where he focused on mass-scale webcast delivery for parties of 30,000 or more for many fortune 100 companies.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell

Vice President of Development

Mitch is Jolokia’s Vice President of Development, responsible for software and platform development.

After being educated in the University of Paisley for Computing Science, Mitch got jobs coding in various industries. Mitch has held a variety of roles from an educational software developer for local community, to being a security administrator for a large multinational firm. Mitch’s passion is everything code related; he loves to code. He regularly retreats to his basement for days at a time to work on creating secure, efficient applications for Jolokia.

Mitch has been coding since the age of 7, starting on an old Spectrum Sinclair in Basic. In secondary school Mitch realized what fun could be had with the more “abused” side of computers; it's always fun to re-write graphic card drivers to listen for a special network crall to flip entire desktops upside down… especially when its broadcast to an entire IT department in a high school and every machine flips its screen upside down at the same time.

Imran Mohd

Imran Mohd

Vice President of Technical Operations

Imran is Jolokia’s Vice President of Technical Operations, responsible for the delivery of high quality offshore development projects.

Imran has over a decade of experience in different industry verticals from customer support to handing of overall offshore delivery management. His experience spans various areas, including customer management, people development and IT operations. Before joining Jolokia he worked as a BPO, Operations Head for a CMMI level company where he held several roles for more than 5 years. He started his career as a customer support executive and eventually worked in different industrial domains, all while avoiding being named “John” or “Dave”.

Imran holds a degree in computer science and accounting. Imran holds a Masters in business administration from one of the reputed universities. Imran’s life outside of work is his family. One thing Imran cannot live without is going to the gym regularly. He needs to stop winning all the company bench press contests…

The Sales & Marketing Team

Jay Kopita

Jay Kopita

Head of Sales and Marketing Development

Jay is Jolokia’s Head of Sales and Marketing Development. He is responsible for the lead generation, sales support and marketing.

An ex-Hollywood actor, Jay decided to channel his communication skills into something a bit steadier in his quest to pay his bills, while building actual discernible business skills. Figuring his degree in Theatre Arts and Speech Communications needed to be put to better use, Jay jumped head first into the world of Entertainment PR.

He then moved into the online space as one of the first PR guys, starting from scratch and carving out his own niche as an all-around journeyman, purposely choosing to do what many in this burgeoning arena neglected to do or simply ignored.

He organizes annual trade shows and sells and markets for a wide array of clients including but not limited to attorneys, resource sites, affiliate programs, movie makers and models. Jolokia marks the second employer/employee relationship between Pace and Jay, with the previous history involving PR and media relations with the social network that Pace sold in 2006.

Donna Smith Fee

Donna Smith Fee

Director of Sales

Sales is a dirty word for resource communications. Clients have problems and through sales (resource communications), we help solve them.

Donna Smith Fee has been in sales in a number of industries including automotive, higher ed, academic publishing, restaurants, real estate, and corporate training.

Do we need to include top dessert sales as a waitress? We had a dark & dreamy flourless chocolate torte with fresh raspberry coulis garnished with a sprig of mint and a spritz of Chambord.

Karen Miller

Karen Miller


Karen Miller is Jolokia's Financial Controller. Karen handles the billing and accounting end of things. She is responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting. Part of her position has her overseeing the implementation and monitoring of internal controls. She has 25 years of accounting experience and helps keep the business on the track it needs to be on.

Dawn Ceylan

Dawn Ceylan

Executive Assistant

Dawn Ceylan is an Executive Assistant for Jolokia. Dawn handles tasks that need caught up on: basic support, reaching out to contacts and making sure calendars and meetings are scheduled and handled on time. She is available to help most in the company on any task. Dawn has 25 years of corporate customer service/support and supervisory positons behind her, and aims to continue that type of work for Jolokia.

The Dev Team

Brandon Hyder

Brandon Hyder


When Brandon was 11 years old, he began creating mods for games, and drawing all of his artistic ideas - his interests began to grow from there until he was creating entire games from scratch for the excitement and fun of it. Brandon went to a game development college when he was 18, but he eventually started working with seniors and professors on their final projects and personal projects during his first year.

Brandon left college after the first year when he learned that he didn't need the college to fuel his artistic and creative drives. Brandon's passions have continued to evolve since he left college, and to this day where he is still creating game projects in his own time, and putting his knowledge to use with Jolokia. Brandon started developing games using many different languages until he finally found a language that he loves to use for all of his game development needs (It just so happens that Jolokia uses that language as well).

Before Jolokia, Brandon developed application software for insurance agents. He began as a QA tester, and eventually worked his way up to a developer. Brandon strives for efficiency and optimization, and will work tirelessly until he feels that his output is golden in his perception. Criticism is Brandon's best friend, because he tries to take a little knowledge from every situation he is faced with - someone telling him what he can do better is greatly appreciated.

Aside from programming, Brandon also takes time to delve into his imagination and draw whatever he can think of - on paper or with a tablet, and he loves to play guitar and make music in general. Brandon feels his imagination goes hand in hand with his programming abilities.

Ryan Monroe

Ryan Monroe


Ryan is currently attending the University of California Santa Cruz, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science. With the guidance of the Jolokia staff, he aspires to enter into the field of technology. For Ryan it was the first in a series of programming classes at Yorba Linda High School that proved to be an eye opening educational experience that functioned as a catalyst to pursuing his future degree. Internally motivated Ryan finds excitement in expanding his knowledge base by experimenting with new languages and hardware.

Besides his passion for computers Ryan is a thrill seeker and an avid snowboarder, hitting boxes and landing jumps each season since he was 10. As a Sports enthusiast Ryan can often be found at professional football, baseball, and hockey games rooting for his favorite teams.

Technology Partners

Jolokia partners with a wide range of technology companies to deliver the video streaming solutions as part of our commitment to deliver the best services to our customers.

We select our Technology Partners based on their best-of-breed solutions. With a tightly integrated bundled solution, we can offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of any competitive solution.

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Jolokia In The News

NexTech AR Solutions, the industry leader in augmented reality, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Jolokia a leading enterprise video platform provider to the healthcare industry. Jolokia has joined forces with NexTech AR, to offer a compelling video learning experience (LXP) that crosses the boundaries from interactive video to Augmented Reality (AR). Read More

Jolokia has joined forces with Techunt Global, as their official exclusive partner for Pakistan. Under this appointment, the two companies will offer Inferno in the region. Read More

Jolokia today announced that its Board of Directors has named Pete Mastin Chief Executive Officer, effective March, 2019. Mastin will continue to serve as a member of the company's Board of Directors. Read More

Jolokia.com, a leading enterprise video platform provider, today announces the release of the world’s most comprehensive Cognitive and Interactive Video streaming platform: Inferno 2.0. Read More

Jolokia and VoiceVibes have gotten together to integrate VoiceVibes into the Inferno platform. VoiceVibes analyzes your speech patterns and scores you on a number of metrics. Using patented algorithms, the system listens to your presentation and then provides a report detailing your performance. The system evaluates attributes of your performance such as clarity, strength of opening, volume, pace, pausing, upspeak, and then positive and negative vibes. Combined these give you an accurate view into your performance and enough granularity to allow you to specifically focus on areas of improvement. Read More

Jolokia and three squared announce strategic partnership, delivering a solution allowing companies to have personalized training assets, stream them live or on-demand, certify and validate training, execute townhall meetings, and manage all this in a cost effective manner. Read More

Jolokia, a leading enterprise streaming platform with a focus on live, cognitive, interactive features and supporting services, today announced that Pete Mastin has joined the company's board of directors. Read More

The Midwest Affiliate Gathering, a three-day competition created by CrossFit Endeavor at The Arnold Sports Festival was held in March in Columbus, Ohio, and was enjoyed on-location as well as around the globe via live streaming. Featuring hundreds of competitions, The Arnold is one of the world’s largest sports festivals, mostly known for its bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting events. Read More

Jolokia has been recognized by Nucleus Research as a recipient of its Technology ROI Award. The annual award honors companies whose deployment of IT solutions has produced a positive, bottom-line financial return on investment. Read More

Jolokia Blogs

Did you know that video content is among the most engaging content on social media? We are clicking on video over 5 billion times a day on YouTube alone, and Facebook counts 100 million hours of video a day. We love the charge our brain gets with the flurry of images. Read More

You can do this in 6 simple steps. It’s a creative process as well as a profitable strategy for your business, so enjoy the ride and have fun. Read More

All political candidates aspire to create and control the messages and content that gets distributed to their constituents. There is no better way to do this than online video. Read More

Jolokia is working to add more exciting interactive features to Inferno. Expect to see branching based on decisions/answers, the ability to insert additional materials for the user to download, jump points, and much more. Read More

All facets of the healthcare industry should be using Inferno for their live and on demand streaming video platform for a plethora of reasons. Read More

First Fridays at Cruzio are an amazing time, and our annual celebration on Friday, November 2nd in the Cruzio building was no exception! Our local community is celebrated, and Jolokia.com was happy to be a part of it. Read More

Jolokia and Common Caches have integrated their video-focused offerings, Inferno, and Media Share, respectively, to provide the creators and organizers of content with a broad set of tools and capabilities to curate, enrichment, and deliver content to audiences anywhere and of any size. This combination of automation and human curation is the perfect match of technology and human expertise. Read More

Inferno 2.0 is here! With it comes all the live and on demand video features you’ve come to expect from Inferno along with exciting new cognitive and interactive features that start realizing the semantic web. Read More

Jolokia and VoiceVibes have gotten together to integrate VoiceVibes into the Inferno platform. VoiceVibes analyzes your speech patterns and scores you on a number of metrics. Using patented algorithms, the system listens to your presentation and then provides a report detailing your performance. The system evaluates attributes of your performance such as clarity, strength of opening, volume, pace, pausing, upspeak, and then positive and negative vibes. Combined these give you an accurate view into your performance and enough granularity to allow you to specifically focus on areas of improvement. Read More

Jolokia and three squared announce strategic partnership, delivering a solution allowing companies to have personalized training assets, stream them live or on-demand, certify and validate training, execute townhall meetings, and manage all this in a cost effective manner. Read More

Since its earliest times, video has been a one-way exchange. The video plays, you watch. This was true in 1945. It was true in 1990. It was true in 2005. However, there are forces that are changing the way we consume video. We are seeing the emergence of Interactive Video. Read More

Algorithms are worthless without data to apply them to and companies have been throwing away 80% of their video data, according to Gartner, simply to save on storage costs. This is understandable if you think of these assets as having no lasting value. But they do have value – value that is unlocked by applying AI. Read More

Video has quickly become one of the most efficient and effective communications and marketing tools in every company’s arsenal. By helping businesses, brands and events to simultaneously maximize exposure, streamline the sales cycle, increase interest and enhance retention, video is able to drive engagement and create better ROI. Read More

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What does it take to deliver a successful live streaming event? Jolokia provides support for delivery of live and on-demand rich media. In today’s blog, Mark Pace, CTO of Jolokia, shares details about a client’s recent live streaming event and also discusses the challenges that providers must address to successfully deliver streaming content online. Read More

The right IT Infrastructure can make or break your business. This is especially true for companies that provide IT services, hosting and streaming for SaaS clients. Without the right foundation in place, it limits your ability to offer agile, cost-effective solutions that will grow and scale along with the needs of your clients. Read More

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